Additional Services

Exterior paint sealants

Applying a car wax or a paint sealant regularly will extend the life and beauty of your vehicle’s finish. Waxes and paint sealants shield the paint and clear coats from UV rays, environmental pollution, and moisture. Prices vary by service call us today for a quote 813-833-3178

Interior care & stain resistant sealants

You can’t put a price on the value and importance of protecting your automobile’s interior from sun damage and dirt brought in from the outside. We use products that protect and dress your leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, glass, carpet and upholstery from fading, cracking, peeling and stains. A good protectant will extend the life of your interior surfaces for the life of your vehicle. Prices vary by service call us today for a quote 813-833-3178

Headlight restoration

The eyes of your vehicle, they let us see and be seen, and what is safer than that? That’s why keeping your headlights clean, and in optimal working order is so important. Most vehicles built since the 1990’s have polycarbonate lenses, a type of clear plastic that can take a beating, but it also has a tendency to yellow and cloud over time from UV exposure and the elements. Fortunately, there are a number of products we use that have been formulated to remove this haze and damage and deliver amazing results. Prices vary by service call us today for a quote 813-833-3178

Paint-less dent removal

We can remove dents, dings, creases and hail damage to restore you vehicle back to its new like condition! Paint-less Dent Repair (PDR) is the process of rubbing and reforming the vehicle's metal and the damage back to its original form.   We use the specialty tools and lighting which allows us to remove 100% of the dent. The process requires no paint work and reduces costs and time in the shop! Prices vary by service call us today for a quote 813-833-3178

Wheel repair

Rim straightening and cosmetic repair and polishing, not only looks better, but it can help prevent serious damage to your car. Regardless of what type of damage you might have to your wheels, our expert technicians can restore them back to factory specifications. We repair bent rims, scrapes curb damage, bends, cracks, chips, scrapes, scuffs, pothole damage to like new condition. If your rims are structurally sound, but aren't quite looking as nice as they used to, we can bring the finish back to brand new! Prices vary by service call us today for a quote 813-833-3178

Engine dressing

Engine Dressing is formulated especially for the engine compartment. This product is designed to cover the entire engine and give it the “new” look. Our top industry cleaning and degreasing products clean your engine by cutting through grease and grime. Not only will your engine be clean, you will prolong the life of your engine’s exterior components, thereby increasing the value of your car. When a buyer or dealer looks under the hood, they will only find a sparkling clean engine. Call us today for a quote 813-833-3178

Due to our high quality of workmanship, same day service is not always available